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Eat Local Iredell

EAT LOCAL IREDELL– Click below for a map of Local Food LOCATIONS! 

Iredell County Local Food Providers

For a Printable/PDF version: Updated Iredell County Map 2019

**(some information on this image has been updated, please see our local farmer’s market page)

The NC 10% Campaign and Iredell County Cooperative Extension have launched “Eat Local Iredell,” a local campaign to shine a spotlight on food providers based in Iredell County. The initiative hopes to encourage consumers to seek out local food providers— restaurants, farms, markets, and wineries—in order to strengthen the local economy and community, aid local small-scale farmers, preserve open spaces, ensure community farms will still be there in the years to come.

“Supporting local food business infrastructure can encourage resilient economic development in North Carolina, especially in small and rural communities,” said Robyn Stout, NC 10% Campaign State Coordinator. “Building markets for local farmers drives demand for local food business infrastructure, creates supply chain jobs, and revitalizes agricultural lands. In North Carolina, we have a strong sense of nostalgia for our small communities. Local foods can grow our nostalgia into modern opportunities to entice young entrepreneurs to stay on the farm, start a distribution company, or open a restaurant on Main Street.”  

“The NC 10% Campaign is a great initiative to support local farmers and food suppliers.” said Matt Lenhardt, Horticulture Agent for Iredell County Cooperative Extension. “On average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses was re-circulated locally, compared to less than 14 percent percent of purchases at chain stores. The dollar keeps on working in the community, multiplier effect.”

Mr. Lenhardt believes an Eat Local Iredell Campaign can celebrate the unique character of Iredell County farms: “You’ve got your markets, CSAs, roadside stands. Each farm is totally different. I think that’s the beauty of it.”

The public education campaign will include a social media contest as well as promotional partnerships with local businesses and community organizations. Visit the Iredell 10% Campaign website to learn more about the Eat Local Iredell Campaign promotional materials, Iredell County’s local food farmers and businesses, and the NC 10% Campaign.

The NC 10% Campaign is a collaborative statewide initiative encouraging NC individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions to spend at least 10% of their food dollars on NC-grown foods. It is led by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) and North Carolina Cooperative Extension promoting locally-grown/caught food, farmers and fishers, as well as the businesses and people who prepare, distribute, and sell food grown in North Carolina.

For further information visit the Iredell 10% Campaign website.