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Iredell County 4-H

Welcome to Iredell County 4-H!

Please visit the drop-down links in the sidebar, or scroll through the topics below to find the answer to your question!

I want/my child wants to get involved in 4-H. How do we go about joining?

Scroll through the list of clubs here. If you find one you are interested in, reach out to the Iredell County 4-H Agent, Taylor Jenkins, to be put in touch with the club leader.

I am interested in starting a club. How do I go about this?


Are there other opportunities for youth to get involved in Iredell County 4-H that don’t involve joining a club?

Yes! We offer many opportunities aside from clubs to participate in 4-H:

  • Super Summer programs
  • Year-round workshops/activities (ex: Holiday Craft Workshop)

You may also see us at local schools facilitating after-school programs or school enrichment lessons! If you are interested in being included on an email list for upcoming 4-H programs, please email Taylor Jenkins at

I am a teacher or principal and would like to have 4-H enrichment programs at my school. How do I get started?

Reach out to Taylor Jenkins, the 4-H Agent for Iredell County, to set up a meeting!

How do I enroll in 4HOnline?

Please visit this page for instructions!

How do I re-enroll in 4HOnline? Why do I have to do this?

Please visit this page for instructions on re-enrollment. 4HOnline is a zero-based enrollment system, meaning that on January 1st of each year enrollment resets to zero. All 4-H’ers who were previously enrolled are still in the system, however they must log in to their account and re-enroll. This also gives youth and parents a reminder to update health forms, etc. in case any changes have occurred.

Why do I/does my child have to enroll in 4HOnline for a one-time program?

4HOnline is the only enrollment system we maintain. It houses important information, such as health history and emergency contact information that is important for 4-H staff to have, no matter the length of the program!

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Contact Information

Reach out to Taylor Jenkins, Iredell County 4-H Agent, with any questions at or 704-873-0507.

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